Sunday, March 28, 2010

Well Fuuuuuuuck

So I had meant to catch up on blogging when I had free time on the weekends.  I had a list written up of all the things I've done between my last post and now, but my computer seems to have eaten it.  So let's maybe do a quick picture montage?  Maybe I can remember everything that went down?  I doubt it.  But I can sure try!

1.  The Quest for Quatchi
Let's do a little history lesson about this post.  Spring break of Sophomore year, the fiance and the boys (Andy, Tim, and Ashley) had plans to go to the Whistler resort in Vancouver (the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics) to go skiing.  They had booked the trip before Chris and I had started going out, and I didn't ski anyway so I took them down to my house and dropped them off at JFK.  I spent the week doing a whole lot of nothing and staring at my phone hoping that Chris would brave the excessive phone charges and give me a call.  They spent the week skiing and hitting up all of the local bars and clubs, having a great time.  I go back to JFK on Sunday to pick them up so we can drive back up to school and the boys begin to strap their huge ski bag on top of the car while Chris walks towards me with a plastic bag with some squishy brown feet sticking out.

Enter Quatchi.  Chris and Ashley had decided that this strange looking stuffed animal in the Vancouver gift shop was the most adorable thing in the world and needed to be purchased for me. 

 So meet Quatchi.  He is a youth Sasquatch from the northern lands of Saskatchewan.  He enjoys photography, and ice hockey, and his favorite color is chill blue (the color of his earmuffs).  For a full biography, look here.  There are even fun Quatchi games to play and pictures to color, and yes, I have done all of that.  Anyway if you read his bio and think about how huge and hairy and shy a Sasquatch would be,  you'd realize that Quatchi and Chris are pretty much the same person.  So I began to call him my little Sasquatch, and when he gets upset he makes a "sad Quatchi" face, etc., etc. 

I'll admit that I became a little mildly obsessed with Quatchi.  He was in my bed every night, crooked under my arm.  If at all possible, Chris loves Quatchi more than I do and in the "hiatus", ("divorce"? "separation"? whatever you want to call it) Quatchi stayed with Chris, meaning he then went on a cross country trip strapped into the back seat of Chris' Sonata.  Here's a little Quatchi photo shoot, in case you were interested in some more Quatchi porn. 

One day while surfing the internet for hours at a time as the sister likes to do, she sends me a link to this picture:

Not only are there people wearing life sized mascot suits, but they are riding a three person bicycle! Look at the tiny little bike helmet on Quatchi's head!  So on our trip to the Olympics, I was on a mission to find these characters and get a photo with them to frame for the fiance.  Elise and I checked the Olympic schedule and found that they would in fact be in the Olympic City the day we were there.  I searched high and low, and did not catch a glimpse of them. 

The real kicker is, we went out to dinner with Dan's friends Sunday night before we had to jump on the flight, and they told this story about how they saw these gigantic mascots running around.  I was so jealous!  One day... I will find them.  Anyway, since we couldn't find the mascots, Elise took a picture of every Quatchi we could find throughout the trip:

More posts to come...

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