Sunday, August 29, 2010


My two months at the bakery was finally up a few weeks ago so there will be no more waking up at 2 in the morning for me anymore. Although when I gave up that job I also gave up any income that it might have been giving me, which was not much because they were mis-paying me, a problem which is still unresolved.

Now I've been job searching every day for something/anything that will pay me a decent amount and be worth my time. I've been on a few interviews, but nothing that has really gotten me anywhere because all they really wanted was for me to try to sell people Direct TV at a Best Buy and that just so isn't happening. I had a really good interview for a job at Chris' company, but they didn't end up giving it to me.

I spend most of my days looking for jobs on the internet. I'm all over monster, careerbuilder, and the corporate websites, including the government agency websites, and no luck yet. I have a lot of temp agencies call me and they say they will be looking for jobs for me, which is nice, but even so they will probably only be temp positions and do not pay as well as what I was hoping to get.

The rest of the time i am doing housework and watching tv and playing solitaire on my laptop, it is seriously thrilling. So if any of you know of any jobs in the Baltimore area, please hit me up.

In other news, I ordered a new iphone so I should be getting that in a few weeks. My 22nd birthday passed without much incident. Chris came home with a chocolate cake, 2 bottles of red wine, and flowers for me. Then we went out to a simple dinner with Patrick and watched High School Musical.

There was something strange clanging around on the bottom of my car. We took it over to the Midas and they basically just pulled it off and sent us on our way. Needless to say I am seriously bored and getting rather depressed just sitting around applying for jobs with really no end in sight and no discernible self worth or measurable income.

The Maryland State Fair is in town, and by in town I mean down the block, because we live right next to the fairgrounds. Elise is coming to visit on Thursday on her way down to VA to see Jason. I am missing my New York friends and don't think I'm going to be able to see Morgan before she moves out to California. Sad face.

kbye <3

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