Friday, October 15, 2010

Where Are All the Freekin Girlscouts

I just want some goddamn samoas.  They are the perfect delicious cookie.  I do not like thin mints, don't even go there. I want some samoas and there are no Girl Scouts in site, and you can't even order the cookies off their website.  Do I have to get all stalker creep and start following little girls around and asking them for cookies?  It's like the reverse "get in my van".


Julibean <3

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.  If I didn't have to work anymore I would  travel and bake a lot of delicious things.

2.  My favorite thing about a vacation is  not having to cook or clean, breaking out of your routine, drinking in new places.
3.  When packing for a trip I  pack far too much underwear and usually end up having to put some of my stuff in Chris' bag, or have a separate bag just for shoes and toiletries.
4.  My top 3 absolute travel essentials are   pain killers, head and shoulders, and a cardigan.

5.  Vacations are  the shit.

7.  On vacation you must always  actually relax and sleep.  

Julibean <3

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Food for Thought

I thought about Jaclyn's little nudger today and then thought about some baby names.  Here's some that I like...

For Boys:

For Girls:

that is all

Julibean <3

Songs I Really Like Today (and always)

By Ingrid Michaelson

By Michael Buble

Julibean <3

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

101 in 1001

So yes, I had one of these lists on my old blog, but seeing as very little of it was pertinent anymore, I figured I'd start some more goals for myself.  Many of them are recycled from the old list or from friends' lists, and a small few I have already accomplished because I wanted to give myself a little pat on the back for some important ones from the old list.  Here it is:

  1. Make sushi again
  2. Make tempura
  3. Learn a few songs on the guitar
  4. Find a Church in Maryland (12/10)
  5. Go to Church wedding classes with Chris (9/11)
  6. Write toast for Elise's wedding (7/3/10)
  7. Go to CALI graduation (11/8/10)
  8. Make a wedding cake for someone
  9. Have a stranger pay me to bake something for them
  10. Visit Morgan in California
  11. Find a wedding dress (bought on 3/5/11)
  12. Grow another vegetable/plant (6/20/11)
  13. See Muse in concert
  14. See any other concert (Regina Spektor - 10/12)
  15. Go crabbing
  16. Get married (1/8/12)
  17. Cook a full Thanksgiving dinner
  18. Learn to drive stick
  19. Throw a New Year's party (1/1/13)
  20. Throw Chris a kickass 25th birthday party
  21. Go to a drive in
  22. Make an ice cream cake
  23. Ride in a hot air balloon
  24. Go hiking (1/12)
  25. Go horseback riding
  26. Swim in the Pacific (1/12)
  27. Play the endless set list
  28. Play poker
  29. Play paintball
  30. Go skiing
  31. Go jet skiing ( Naples 7/12 (saw so many fucking dolphins))
  32. Go on a roller coaster I've never been on (Universal Studios 11/12)
  33. Go sledding
  34. Learn a first dance with Chris (learn may have been an overstatement 1/8/12)
  35. Go ice skating at Rockerfeller Plaza
  36. Mail out Christmas cards and cookies
  37. Start a sand collection
  38. Have a pen pal (Exchanged letters with Morgan 10/12/10)
  39. Read the Bible
  40. Save $5,000 (savings is up to 10k 3/11)
  41. Hang out on a roof
  42. Go to Harry Potter world (11/12)
  43. Get 20 followers on my blog
  44. Go apple picking
  45. Go pumpkin picking
  46. Carve a pumpkin like a badass
  47. Make crepes
  48. Get a dog
  49. Buy size 12 jeans for myself
  50. Lose 10 pounds (1/15/11)
  51. Lose 20 pounds
  52. Lose 30 pounds
  53. Lose 40 pounds
  54. Take a fitness class
  55. Run for 20 minutes without stopping
  56. Go skinny dipping
  57. Go on a vacation with friends (11/12)
  58. Go to Las Vegas
  59. Go on a wine tour
  60. Go to Toronto
  61. Go to New Orleans (4/11)
  62. Go to the German Alps Festival
  63. Get engagement photos taken (7/20/110)
  64. Go to the ballet or opera
  65. Have a bonfire
  66. Brush up on my Spanish
  67. Write a bucket list
  68. Visit 5 states I've never been to before (Louisiana, Hawaii, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina 11/12)
  69. Read 10 books
  70. Brew my own beer
  71. Paint a painting
  72. Set up office/craft room/guest bedroom (completed 3/11)
  73. Go camping
  74. Sing karaoke
  75. Join/start a new music group
  76. Make flyers/business cards/website for new business
  77. Make bread pudding
  78. Visit Dan in Seattle again
  79. Hold a baby (5/11)
  80. Babysit someone's kid(s)
  81. See next Twilight movie with my sister (actually saw it with Chris)
  82. Re-floor the condo
  83. Re-paint the condo
  84. Redo the condo kitchen
  85. Add my DNA to Be the Match
  86. Buy new bras (10/20/10)
  87. Buy new underwear (2/11)
  88. Go to the zoo (8/26/10)
  89. Go to the aquarium (11/26/10)
  90. Take a trip to visit a friend by myself
  91. Chat over coffee with Jim again
  92. Drink around the world at Epcot
  93. Act in a play/musical, or at least preform on stage
  94. Reconnect with one old friend (2/2/11)
  95. Help Elise move in with Jason (7.11)
  96. Send out wedding invites (10/11)
  97. Sew baby blanket for Jaclyn & Andy's baby (12/15/10)
  98. Go to a reniassance fair
  99. Have an awesome drunken time on Halloween
  100. Go out to a bar with my girlfriends
  101. Meet said girlfriends
a few bonus ones that I just thought of...

102. Go on a double date
103. Host a dinner party
104. Celebrate something with a champagne toast (1/1/13)
105. Win a trivia match (8/12)
106. Witness an engagement
107. Clean out closet (3/2011)
108. Meet a friend of Chris' from work
109. See a Broadway show
110. Participate in a bar crawl
111. Throw a kegger

I think a lot of those are do-able in the next 1001 days

A Day in the Life of Chris & Julie - Engaged Couple #3

Chris and I are sitting on the couch last night waiting for dinner to be ready and planning a trip to go see Jim in Philadelphia next weekend.  (I can't wait!!!) 

Chris is, of course, spoiling his dinner by eating some pretzels. 

I tell him to put them away because dinner is almost ready. 

He rolls up the bag with such force that the air pops the bottom open and covers him and the couch in bits of pretzels. 

I can't stop laughing at him. 

He looks at me and just says "help."

I try to pick up a few pieces before realizing just how many pretzel bits are covering the grandma couch.

I say, "You're like five years old.  Good luck, get the vacuum."

<3 Julibean

I am anticipating my first letter from pen pal Morgan this afternoon.  I was so excited that I wrote her a seven page letter.  I probably should have waited to read hers first.  I may have defeated the purpose here.

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