Friday, February 5, 2010

Wilton Course 1, Class 1

Tonight Elise and I went to the first session of our Wilton cake decorating class #1. We signed up for it at our local Michael's store when the class went on sale for half off. So we're taking the course for a total of $22 I think. Not bad in my opinion. If you don't count the hundred or so dollars that you end up spending on supplies and tools and of course the actual ingredients to make 4 cakes and huge batches of frosting, it's a regular steal!

This first class we just watched the instructor as she gave us step by step instructions on how to make a layer cake and the frosting, how to fill a pastry bag and put the tip in, ice a cake smoothly and then decorate it with a shell border on the top and bottom, and a display of Wilton roses on the top. It was really nice when she was finally finished and I really can't wait to try my hand at it. Cake decorating is only a few days of my professional baking classes, so I'd really like to get as much practice in as possible since I think it's one of the things I'd love to be doing ultimately.

Elise is also very interested and I'm sure with all her artistic talent she's definitely going to kick my ass in the decorating skill department. I hope at least that I will be the better baker so I can bring something to our future partnership! I think we would make a great team, especially if we're both doing something we love and pursuing our dreams. I really can't wait! I think maybe my next step is to read some sort of "How to start a small business for dummies" kind of book and see what I can make of it.

Unfortunately, my godfather's mother passed away this week and we are attending her funeral tomorrow. I don't remember meeting her but I've heard she really loved us and was very kind to us when we were little so I am looking forward to seeing my godparents and supporting them in any way I can.

Also, tomorrow we will commence the de-christmasing process. In our family, the decorations get thrown up the night before Christmas and then once my mom goes back to teaching, there is absolutely no time or effort left to do anything about it. The tree and mantle decorations usually stay up to about super bowl Sunday or Valentine's day. We'll see which deadline we make this year. All I know is that living in such clutter for my entire life has turned me in to an obsessive organizer and tidier. I'm already certain that the fiance and I are going to have an immaculate house with a superb organizational system. I'm really looking forward to moving out of this room and actually having space to put things in.

Until next time,

Julibean <3


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