Friday, October 1, 2010

A Day in the Life of Chris & Julie - Engaged Couple

I'm trying to think of interesting posts I could do once a week, kind of like news segments.  Elise already has the monopoly over Manjoyment Mondays, Wedding Wednesdays, and Dance Party Fridays, so I'll have to try to come up with some of my own.  So here is the beginnings of a post series called...

"A Day in the Life of Chris & Julie" which I am going to re-enact a scene from this week in which we did something insane, funny, so mundane that it hurts, or just plain drunkenly ridiculous. 

So here we go:

Setting - The condo
The Scene - Thursday is our big TV night in which we try to watch everything on DVR including; Jeopardy!, The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, Project Runway, and The Jersey Shore.  I am falling asleep in Chris' lap on the couch.

Chris:  Are you sleeping?
Julie:   No

ten minutes later...

Chris:  Are you sleeping?
Julie:   No
Chris:  You're totally sleeping!
Julie:  No I'm not!
Chris: Why don't you just go to bed?
Julie:  What time is it?
Chris:  It's only 9:30.
Julie:  Okay I'm getting into bed, I didn't even see any of what just happened.
Chris:  You said you weren't sleeping
Julie:  No I didn't
Chris:  Yes you did
Julie:  I don't remember saying that
Chris:  You just said you weren't sleeping and then got offened that I would even ask
Julie:  Well I was lying, obviously.  I'm going to bed.  I have period week fatigue.
Chris:  Fine.
Julie:  I want some chocolate.
Chris:  I don't have any chocolate here
Julie:  Why?  Do you have some at work?
Chris:  Yes but you wouldn't like it.  It's butterfingers and reese's
Julie:  But...why wouldn't I like those?  I love peanut butter.
Chris:  Oh, well I don't have any here.
Julie:  You have candy in your desk?
Chris:  I couldn't stop myself.  Halloween candy was $2.50 a bag.
Julie:  Okay fine, goodnight.

ten minutes later...
Julie:  You want to go to the store and get me some chocolate? 

Chris walks into the bedroom and hands me a bag of chocolate chips from the pantry.

Chris:  Goodnight snugglemuffin.


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