Thursday, July 7, 2011

Elise's Wedding

My sister got married this weekend.  It was fabulous.  Since my wedding day has not happened yet, so I have not yet had the happiest day of my life with Chris, Elise's wedding day has thus far been the happiest day of my life.  We had a wonderful weekend in Troy; seeing old friends, visiting old haunts, meeting new people, singing songs, dancing dances, and professing vows.  Since I've already given my maid of honor toast, and so many people complimented me on it, I figured I would post it here.  My sister and her new husband are off on their honeymoon and having a great time in the Florida Keys, so here's a little reminder of how much I love the two of them.

"Anyone who knows me could tell you that Elise and I are as close as sisters could possibly be,
but we weren’t always that way. When we were little girls, Elise absolutely hated me. I was the cute
baby sister that always got her way and never got in trouble. When I had stolen Elise’s Camping Midge Barbie or My Little Pony complete with swishing tail for the thousandth time and had once again inexplicably escaped punishment, Elise would yell and scream at my mother, asking why she had to go and ruin everything by giving her a sister in the first place. My mother’s answer was always the same.

“You may not get along now,” she would say, “But some day, you will be very glad that you have
a sister, just like I am. When I had you, I knew your father and I were going to have one more baby and it would have to be a girl because every girl needs a sister, and I would never deprive you of that.”

Many years passed and Elise and I continued to fight over everything from clothing, to perfume,
to computer usage. Thankfully we never had the same taste in boys. (Jason is all yours, Elise.) But my
mother insisted that if she and Aunt Nancy could survive sharing a room half the size of ours, and
sleeping in the same wooden bunk bed in Brooklyn all through college, that there was hope for us yet.

As it has become painfully obvious to me since graduating high school, and I’m sure she will
quote me on this for the rest of my life, my mother has always been right, about everything

To say that my sister is my best friend would be a horrific understatement. Once we left the not-
so-hallowed halls of East Rockaway High School and were able to choose our own paths and go our
separate ways, our paths refused to diverge. We attended the same school; right here in Troy, lived in
the same dorm, made the same friends, and sang in the same section of the same music group. She just
couldn’t shake me.

As many of us also know, Elise is not the easiest person to spend all of your time with, but she is
who I chose to spend all of mine with. From humble beginnings as sister rivals, our relationship has
grown from bunk bed partner, to friend, to confidant, to hair dyer, to cover story, to sober driver, to
board game partner, to harmony singer, to emergency phone call, to swing dance partner, to sanity
keeper, to mind reader, and finally, to maid of honor.

I was so happy to take this part in Elise and Jason’s wedding as I know that they will be for Chris
and I in six short months, but some of us never thought this day would come. I have to admit that I was a long time Jason skeptic. I may have even been president of the club and bought tee shirts, but I can also say with all sincerity that Elise’s faith in her relationship never wavered for a moment, not matter how much any of us shook it. She was more patient and resolute than I would have been by tenfold, and after five long years, she has finally married her soul mate. And there was much rejoicing.

I knew that Elise and Jason were going to get married when I spent Easter at the Kowalik’s house
a few years ago. We played games, and laughed, and ate great food, and decorated the lamb cake. It
felt like home. They already treated Elise like a daughter, and did the same for me even though they
had only met me that day. Thank you to Joe, Sue, Amanda, and Joey; I am truly blessed to be able to call you family.

So the one thing left to say to Jason is, “she may be your wife, but she was my sister first.”
Don’t be surprised when you move into your dream house, the big one with the wrap around porch
that Elise wants so much and your chickens pecking away in the front yard and you look across the way to see that your next door neighbors are me and the Sasquatch coming over to watch Big Bang Theory reruns. I would follow you to the ends of the Earth, and I love you both forever. My sister and my friend, to the bride and groom! (clink)"

Think I have a future as a writer?  Until next time, peace, love, and cookies!

Julibean <3


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