Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Braces (or Putting Your Suspenders On)

Meanwhile, the men are off in another room getting all fancied up.  I am in cell phone contact with Andy to time when the photographer is switching between the two rooms.  All photos by Angie Gaul at milestoneimages.us

Jason and Dan are wearing the socks Elise gave the men at her wedding.
As Dan says, "sock garters get you laid twice."

The crabby cuff links I gave Chris as a wedding gift.

Chris maintains that this is the worst haircut he has ever had.
This is what happens when you get your hair cut at supercuts all the time, but Chris refuses to spend any money on getting his hair cut.
He has actually not gotten his hair cut anywhere since our wedding.
I have been cutting my husband's hair for this entire first year of marriage.

Our best man, Andy.

Patrick and Brendan, looking super excited.

My dad helping my brother with his buttons.

Tim and Chris being adorable.


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