Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Makin Sure My Do is Did

We wake up early and head downstairs to the spa area to get our hair and make up done.  It is super expensive.  I feel really bad for the girls about this, but with the grandparents and wheelchairs, it is just easier to do it all in one place.  Hannah doesn't get her hair and makeup done but still looks fucking gorgeous in our photos.  The girls allowed me to give them random bullshit to put in their hair.  Cynthia lets me pay for her hairdoing, Morgan's parents helped her out with hers, so despite being ungodly expensive, our ladies are looking as beautiful as ever.  I wish I could have saved them some ridiculous expense, but everything went well anyway.  Our grandmas get all dolled up, I get a pretty braid, and poor Nancy has to go last so she has literally 10 minutes to get dressed and has to get her zipper up herself because no one is left in the hotel.  God bless you all.  All photos by Angie Gaul at milestoneimages.us

Cynthia was such a good sport, she wore this headband through the entire ceremony even though it was squeezing her brain and giving her a headache.

I loved this flower on my wife

I think this was Morgan's first time having her hair done all curly

Is it weird that all my favorite wedding photos of me are the back of my head?
I may have self esteem issues, but damnit my hair looked good!

MomMom is still angry

Nanny kept telling the makeup woman, "more rouge I think!"

Nancy getting a good daughter-in-law squeeze

Our fabulously feminine hair guy
God Morgan, you are so pretty!

We had my makeup airbrushed on so it wouldn't come off when I had sweat dripping off my face
I should seriously just get one of those myself when I have a bazillion dollars

In retrospect I would have had my lipstick a different color.  
It comes out really brown in the later pictures. Oh well!

Cynthia giving a good demonstration of some of her bridesmaids' gifts.
The applique belt I made, the necklace, earrings, and elbow length gloves.
The gloves were actually Chris' idea, I just want everyone to know that.

Special props to Cynthia for putting up with one of my minor Bridal Bitch moments.
Cynthia had on a large knit kind of shawl sweater over her dress.  For whatever reason, I guess because everyone else was wearing more of a cardigan, I decided to be like, "Can you wear a different sweater?"
And then I tried to dress her in my own black sweater that I had in our suite, which was obviously way too big on her and looked ridiculous, and I just told her to put her other one back on.  Cynthia was all sweet like "I don't have another sweater." And it really didn't matter, I don't think we ended up taking any pictures of the girls with them on and they didn't have them on in the church, so I don't know why I cared.  Chalk it up to crazy bride anxiety.  Even so, sorry/thanks to Cynthia for having to deal with me being an idiot bitch.

Jaclyn's curls looked really damn good if I do say so myself!

How Elise happened to have all these random black hair doodads is anyone's guess.
I'd also like to point out that "doodads" is apparently a word according to google.

I don't have a picture of Mima in here for some reason, but as she was getting her makeup done Elise and I come over to tell her how beautiful she looks.  Her response, ever the dry humorist, "It doesn't hurt to be good looking." One of my favorite Mima quotes.


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