Tuesday, January 8, 2013


We headed down in the elevator and to the waiting limos outside.  Another ridiculously expensive part of the wedding was the transportation.  The ceremony and reception venues were about an hour apart from each other.  My family was afraid that people wouldn't end up coming because they would be afraid of bad weather for driving not only up to New York in the first place, for those out of town, but around the Island during the day, so we rented not only a limo bus for the bridal party and a limo for the elderly, but a large bus to take people from the church to the reception and back to the hotel afterwards.  Nothing is cheap in New York.  A lot of people are offering shuttles for the weddings now, and I have to admit, it really makes things so much easier and less stressful.  Once you have all the crap booked that is.  We spent an awful lot of time looking at maps and discussing the distances between the three points and how long we thought it would take to get there.  As it was, the bus full of guests ended up at the reception hall early, over a half hour before the cocktail hour was scheduled to start and they were all milling around the lobby while we were trying to take bridal party pictures.  Ah well.  We managed, but I could see several of our bridal party people getting antsy with so many people closing in on them.
Top three photos stolen from Kristen's facebook, the rest by Angie Gaul at milestoneimages.us

Cynthia dubbed this picture "HBIC" for "Head Bitch in Charge."
I told you it was difficult to sit.
I was flopping around like a beached dolphin in that thing.

Wedding Drama 4: My brother felt like he was dying pretty much the entire day.
He's usually in pain from skeletal problems and on a bunch of things for that, but this was exceptionally bad.
He toughed it out and put on a brave face for me, but the day he got home to Seattle he went to the emergency room and was checked into the hospital.  Poor guy.

Someone caught Ashley holding my basket o' programs.

Mama helping me navigate the elevator.

Our lovely programs, inspired by letters from the Kiera Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice.
Many thanks to Elise's superior crafting skills.
We sealed these shut in our hotel room the day before.

I may not agree with the church on any of their controversial opinions, but I love my parish.
I grew up there, went to mass there every Sunday, directed the Folk Group, and met great friends.
I was very thankful that Chris gave me that one and agreed to have the ceremony in my home church.
We had to get married in a church to have a Catholic ceremony since Chris is a baptized Christian.  
If it was going to be a church anyway, I'm so incredibly happy it got to be mine.

It was around 50 degrees that day.  Pretty damn good for January in New York.
I am always hot so I didn't need a jacket.
I kept all the girls in the limo frozen because I insisted the air conditioner be on.
Sorry, but the bride chooses the temperature.
No one likes a sweaty bride.

It was really a tight fit once we picked up Chris and Andy for the way to the reception.

Andy giving Chris the required "if you want to make a run for it I can sneak you out the back door" speech.

We arrived early so we hid in the choir loft.
I didn't want to do a "reveal" and see Chris before the ceremony for pictures.
I wanted to do it the traditional way, so we hid.
It was warm in there so the girls fanned me with sheet music.

Joe, my friend from Folk Group, on guitar.

Christine on the drum, AnnMarie on piano, and Sam on flute.

Pretty pretty.

The necessary green angels.


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