Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It Takes a Village

After we had a quick PC rehearsal the night before, my girls helped me check that my wedding dress fit.  I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep unless I knew I could get the thing on.  At my last fitting, it hadn't closed, like at all.  I flipped out about it, but I also didn't stop eating and drinking things, so it was my own bad.  At the fitting I wasn't wearing any scary knickers, and my girls promised they would get the thing on me, come hell or high water, so we gave it a dry run.  It took all five available bridesmaids to get me into that mother fucker.  It was rough, but we made it happen.  I could get a little sleep and not hate myself for enjoying my rehearsal dinner, and cake, and wine.  I wore even tighter spanks the next day.  I explained my anxiety to Angie and she made sure that all photos of me getting in to my dress were not horrifying.  I made the guy videographer wait outside until I had that fucker on.  
All photos by Angie Gaul at milestoneimages.us

I don't really know why we had this around.
I think Amanda and Chris had given it to Elise as a late present for something.
But when  you pressed its paw it sang soft kitty.
We had a good time with it.

The moment of truth.  There was a wonder woman bra sewn into my dress.
It was ridiculously tight and we had to put it as tight as possible to get the dress to close.
When I took the dress off at the end of the night I breathed a huge sigh of relief
The dress was so tight I could barely sit down, slightly embarrassing during the ceremony, let me tell you, especially since I was trying to avoid showing my shoes since they were nothing special and didn't even match anything.  
My abs hurt for about 3 days afterwards.

I love these photos.
I have a similar one of Elise powdering my nose at Jaclyn's wedding.

Another one of my favorite photos from the wedding.
I intend to sell my dress, but I'm keeping the veil.
It was beautiful and not too out there, something someone else might want to wear one day.

It actually took all six girls to get me in the dress this time.
Jaclyn isn't visible, but she is holding my veil up in the air.

The flowers were perfect.
Inexpensive, fresh, beautiful, and on time.

The dress originally had an ugly flower on the hip.
I cut it off and replaced it with this vintage pin I found on the internet
Helpful tip: Vintage = old
It was beautiful and I still have it, but it did break off my dress at some point during the reception

When we were just about ready we realized we forgot a crochet hook to help close the buttons.

Elise did a lot of them with her nubby Hufflepuff thumbs.
My dad did the rest even with his arthritic hands, with the help of a plastic knife we had left over from the breakfast bagels.  


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